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Pastor Sean Condran Office

Serving the Lebanon, PA and surrounding areas since 2014
Mental health counseling from a Biblical perspective
​Suicide Prevention Service

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​All of our Christian Counselors are volunteers

About Our Organization

About Our Organization...

   Pastor Sean Condran Office Counseling is to provide FREE Christ-centered, Biblically-based emotional, relational, and spiritual guidance to children, teens, and adults experiencing challenging life-issues. Care is provided free of cost to all of our Outpatient and Inpatient Clients, ​
The services for our Outpatient and Inpatient Clients are not paid by the client they are all paid by a  sponsor or grant money.


 Strong people and strong beliefs make up the foundation for a strong community. The leadership at Pastor Sean Condran Office does it's utmost to live by example. We work to build a better community by engaging people honestly and acting in a reflective manner of our principles as set forth by God. 


 At Pastor Sean Condran Office, we care about your present and your future more than your past. We are here to help you live your life to the fullest, taking your hand and helping you through the rough times and celebrating with you in the good times. 


 Life is filled with trials and tribulations. We provide support to the greater community to strengthen the social fabric of our neighborhoods and our schools. 


 Nothing is more important than communication, especially when it comes to family. We offer personal and family counseling to help people maintain their balance. 


 Teaching the Word of God and helping people build a relationship with the Lord is imperative to living a full life. We are here to help you find the right path and live an illuminated life.​